Universal Credit postcode checker – how to find out if you’re eligible to make a claim

The Universal Credit postcode checker can be accessed through the official government website through this link. While there are other postcode checkers available online, the official UK benefits website is likely to have the most recent and relevant information, and we would always advise using it first – and using secondary, independent websites like ourselves […]

Universal Credit 0800 number – freephone for UK Benefits

Need to make a call to a Universal Credit advisor, but want to make sure you don’t pay? Despite previously having an 0345 number, the UK Government have now changed their main point of contact over to an 0800 number. This was largely due to pressure from the Labour opposition bench, who argued that 0345 […]

Universal Credit roll-out – has my area been moved over yet?

Need to know if Universal Credit has been rolled out in your area? If not, when will you be subject to Universal Credit? Search for your local area below, and find out now if you’re subject to Universal Credit. According to Government literature (taken from here), the roll-out is subject to the following: In May […]