FP57 form, or refund receipt – how do I get one?

The FP57 form, also known as the FP57 refund receipt, is an official NHS type of receipt which enables to person in possession of it to potentially claim a refund further down the line. If you are looking to get a refund for what you thought would be a free prescription on the NHS, getting an FP57 receipt is absolutely vital.

If you are looking for an FP57 form online, or a pdf file version of this to download, unfortunately, you are out of luck. As this is an official NHS receipt, the FP57 form can only be issued at the time of purchase, and cannot be found officially online. Even examples of the FP57 form can be difficult to find, as they could be doctored. For any future prescriptions that you may need to get a refund for, you should ask the pharmacist at the time of payment for an FP57 receipt and they will be able to issue one. It is likely that this will then need to be submitted alongside another form which gives proof that you are eligible for a refund.

The FP57 can be vital for people claiming benefits such as Universal Credit, ESA, and other benefits at Jobcentres across the UK.

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