HMRC PAYE email address – is there one?

The HMRC PAYE email address is oen of the most searched for online, and with good reason: Pay As You Earn is one of the main ways that people pay Income Tax in the UK, and there are many reasons why people may need to get in contact with the team responsible for it. Many of the queries relate to an individual PAYE code, and if you’re looking to email Pay As You Earn about that, you can raise a query through this online form. However, as things stand, there is currently no general enquiries PAYE email address, which means that those looking to raise a question about Income Tax are forced to do so through the more traditional methods of phoning them up, or sending a letter to PAYE by post. You can also speak to HMRC advisors through a webchat by clicking here – as well as getting assistance through their twitter account, @HMRCcustomers.

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