National Insurance address – contact NIN by post

Need to send mail to the National Insurance postal address? As every UK resident is given their own National Insurance Number, it is unsurprising that many residents may need to get in contact with their staff over a variety of reasons. Of course, lost National Insurance Numbers are what prompt a lot of queries, as does alerting the National Insurance team about a change in circumstances. If you need to post a letter to the National Insurance address, here’s where you need to send it. This is for all enquiries other than complaints, a different postal address for which can be found further down the page:

PT Operations North East England
HM Revenue and Customs
United Kingdom

If you need to raise a complaint to the National Insurance team via post, there is a separate address. The National Insurance address for complaints is as follows:

NIC and EO Complaints
HM Revenue and Customs
United Kingdom

If you’re currently a non-UK resident and need to send a letter to the National Insurance address, there is a different address to post it to. The postal address for National Insurance enquiries for overseas nationals is as follows. This is for all enquiries, and complaints – but, again, only for non-UK residents.

National Insurance Contributions and Employers Office
HM Revenue and Customs
United Kingdom

What are the standard queries that National Insurance deal with via post?

The Government website states that the National Insurance Number postal address is for all NIN enquiries, meaning that they’re likely to deal with:

  • Class 1 National Insurance rates and thresholds
  • Class 2 and 3 National Insurance
  • Statutory Payments
  • Married Women’s Reduced Rate Election
  • National Insurance statement requests
  • employment histories
  • Parents and Carers credits
  • gaps in your National Insurance contributions

As well as much more besides. If y

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