Personal Independence Payment address – PIP postal address

Looking for a freepost PIP address? We’ve located a Personal Independence Payment address for you to send your letters, with supporting evidence.

While many things are done online in the present day, there are still many occasions in which an individual may need to send a letter – and when claiming Personal Independence Payment (also known as PIP) – there are many things that may trigger you needing to pop something in the post. The main reason that people need to mail the PIP team’s postal address is to send in supporting evidence for their claim, which could include medical records or other proof that they are eligible to claim. Luckily, the Department for Work and Pensions has provided and confirmed an address to which you can send this.

What is the PIP postal address?

If you need to send additional evidence for a PIP application, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) confirmed the following PIP postal address following a freedom of information address back in June 2019. Please note, you should only use this address if you have been advised to, and it is has not been verified by anyone at this website that the address is valid. It is always advised that you make copies of any documents being sent by post, lest they get lost on the way or mishandled. The freepost address for Personal Independence Payment quoted is:

Personal Independence Payment
1 Mail Handling Site A
WV98 1AA

In the letter, the Freedom of Information requester also mentions another postal address for PIP, but this is not freepost, and would require a stamp. That address was:

Personal Independence Payment 1,
Mail Handling site A,
WV98 1AA

You can see the full letter here:

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