Universal Credit 0345 number – what is it?

The Universal Credit 0345 number is perhaps one of the most known and notorious in Department for Work & Pensions history. Introduced as a way for people to get in contact with the Universal Credit team, as well as other benefits helplines, it became the matter of controversy towards the tail end of 2017 when it emerged that some users were being charged excessive amounts to dial. Customers, especially those on Pay as You Go (PAYG) contracts were being charged fees by their mobile service providers to dial, which meant some users were being charged exorbitant amounts to dial the Universal Credit 0345 number and be connected to benefit helpline staff. These were replaced by 0800 numbers in November 2017 – 0800 numbers are, by law, completely freephone from any phone, regardless of your tariff or provider.

What were the Universal Credit 0345 numbers?

The Universal Credit 0345 numbers were:

Universal Credit live service: 0345 600 0723

Universal Credit full service: 0345 600 4272

You can find out the 0800 number that will now connect you to the Universal Credit free number by clicking here. You can find out more about why the DWP changed over a whole raft of benefit helpline numbers by clicking here.

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