Need to make a call to a Universal Credit advisor, but want to make sure you don’t pay? Despite previously having an 0345 number, the UK Government have now changed their main point of contact over to an 0800 number. This was largely due to pressure from the Labour opposition bench, who argued that 0345 numbers were charged at a local rate (i.e. similar to an 01 or 02 number) and therefore could cost mobile users high amounts to make straightforward calls. The Universal Credit freephone number is now free in the truest sense of the word, as 0800 numbers do not cost to call from mobile or landline.

What is the Universal Credit 0800 number?

If you would like to call the Universal Credit freephone number, you need to dial 0800 328 9344 for the Universal Credit live service, or 0800 328 5644 for the full service. As previously mentioned, both of these numbers are free to call regardless of whether you’re calling from landline, or making the call from any mobile operator – both Pay as You Go and contract. This is why the Universal Credit contact number was changed to be freephone.

Current government documentation on the matter (read here) says:

All DWP Universal Credit phone lines are now free and nobody will be charged when they need to call to get help with their Universal Credit claim.

In October, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions David Gauke committed to making all DWP helplines Freephone numbers by the end of the year.

Secretary of State for Work and Pensions David Gauke said:

We’re building a welfare system that is fit for the modern world where people increasingly manage their affairs online.

The vast majority of people apply for Universal Credit online, setting up an account that they can access 24 hours a day to manage their claim.

Work coaches are also there to support people with their online account but we know this is a big change for many, and we want to make sure people can get the extra help they need, without worrying about paying for a phone call. That’s exactly why we’ve set up the new Freephone numbers, which are available from today.

The key Universal Credit Freephone numbers include:

  • Universal Credit live service: 0800 328 9344
    (this replaces 0345 600 0723)
  • Universal Credit full service: 0800 328 5644
    (this replaces 0345 600 4272)

Anyone calling the old numbers will hear a message informing them of the change and the new number to call.

Freephone numbers for other DWP benefits and services are set to follow, with all numbers switched over by the end of 2017.

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