What is the DWP email address format?

Like most major organisations, the Department for Work & Pensions have a strict format that they follow when issuing workers their email addresses. This means that, by and large, it is easy to guess what an individual’s DWP email address should be, if you know their name. Of course, there are problems when it comes to common names, and also that some individuals may not have DWP emaill address at all, but those are problems that don’t have an easy answer.

In short, all DWP email addresses start with an individual’s name separated by a dot (for noted radio presenter Alan Brazil, that would be alan.brazil), followed by @dwp.gov.uk – so, as an example, alan.brazil@dwp.gov.uk would be a valid email address, if he were to work there. The DWP email address format is name.surname@dwp.gov.uk. This is reportedly the same across all branches of the DWP, including employees at the Jobcentre and other sub-organisations too.

Up until March 2019, the suffix was @dwp.gsi.gov.uk – however, the .gsi has since been dropped, with any emails going to an address that still has that in simply being forwarded to the new address.

From the DWP website:

The new addresses will be active by 28 March 2019 – please do not use them before this date. Until then you may still receive emails from DWP’s ‘.gsi’ email addresses.

Ensure you update any records that contain DWP email addresses from 28 March 2019. These may include directories, web applications or forms.

Any messages sent to a DWP ‘.gsi’ address after 28 March 2019 will receive an automated email response asking you to use the new address.

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