What is the ESA Birkenhead postal address?

the vast majority of ESA enquiries can now be dealt with online, and there are still a wide range of claimants who have their enquiries dealt with by getting in contact with the DWP over the phone. However, if you are one of the many people who still need to send the Employment and Support Allowance team a letter and you live in Birkenhead or the surrounding areas, fret not – there is still an address for you to use. Rather than being based in or around the Liverpool area, all ESA mail queries are dealt with by a central hub in Wolverhampton – from this Mail Opening Facility, they will then process the letetr and it’s contents and pass it on to a member of their team who should be able to answer any questions from those Employment and Support Allowance claimants based in or around Birkenhead. You can find the address below.

What address do I use to contact Employment and Support Allowance by mail in Birkenhead?

As given by the DWP website itself, the ESA Birkenhead postal address is

ESA Birkenhead
Post Handling Site B
WV99 2GF

You can also contact Birkenhead ESA freepost by the following one line address at

Freepost DWP ESA 5

This information is via What Do They Know?

Further information on the process, from: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/574585/new-dwp-postal-addresses.pdf

Further information about the service DWP has a service for opening, scanning and indexing post on its receipt. Processing staff are then notified when a scanned image is available for action. The scanning service provides efficiencies to the Department, as well as customers, for example:

• documents are traced and processed more quickly December 2016
• certificates, wage slips and other valuable documents are returned to customers on the day of receipt
• scanned images cannot be altered, ensuring that documents cannot be tampered with, or information lost.

All business units within the Pensions Directorate, Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payment, amongst others, are benefiting from the service provided by Mail Opening Units in Kidderminster and Telford. Offices using this service have a Wolverhampton postal address. In addition to the scanning and indexing facility, the mail units are also providing a hard copy post opening and distribution service for the residual DWP business areas, some of which are currently transferring to the scanning process.

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