Where do I send my sick note for Universal Credit?

A sick note – also known as a Fit Note, Doctor’s Note, Doctor’s Certificate, and other names – can be a important part of getting your Universal Credit going, or to help you receive extra benefits payments in line with your illness. If you have been given a sick note from your Doctor which details your illness, and would like to submit it for consideration, it is advisable to speak to your Work Coach, who will be able to offer advice on the matter. In certain cases, if you do have an online account and access to it, you may be able to upload your sick note once your Work Coach has added a to do item to your account.

If you still need to send your fit note, doctor’s note, or sick note in, there is a Universal Credit postal address that accepts mail. It is advisable to make a copy of anything you are sending in, and to perhaps speak to the Universal Credit helpline first for their advice. The address is as follows:


Or use the full address below

Canterbury Benefit Centre Mail Handling Site A Wolverhampton WV98 2EA

When releasing this address, the DWP stated:

Universal Credit Full Service is a digital service and claimants, on receipt of a To Do in their journal, can upload the relevant evidence documents or alternatively can provide their evidence documents to their Work Coach. When the claimant attends the Jobcentre, their Work Coach can create a To Do to enable the evidence to be uploaded.

Only when these alternatives are not available should claimants use the postal service.

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