Email address for National Insurance – is there one?

As perhaps the main way that people communicate with one another online, there are plenty of people who would like to be able to email the National Insurance teams with their problems. The solution, you’d think, would be easy – and email queries to the National Insurance Contributions team could be quickly and easily picked up by their team, and processed post-haste. However, for a variety of reasons – perhaps to do with spam, or with streamlining the number of ways in which people can get in contact with them – there is currently no National Insurance email address that is publically available, or that would be able to answer even the most basic of enquiries.

Fret not, though: there are many different ways in which you can contact the National Insurance team. You can find the National Insurance postal address here, for example. Their staff do also accept online correspondence, and you can have a webchat with the National Insurance support staff by clicking here.

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