What information is on a Biometric Residence Permit?

As you’re likely well aware, the Biometric Residence Permit is one of the most vital documents for foreign nationals when it comes to living and working in the UK. If you’re unsure what a Biometric Residence Permit – also known as a BRP – is you can find out on our BRP guide here.

According to this document issued by the UK Government, the Biometric Residence Permit features the following information:

  1. Holder’s digital image
  2. Holder’s name
  3. Valid until – the date the permit expires. This date is at the end of the time the holder is allowed to stay; or five or 10 years if the holder has been given permission to settle in the UK (known as indefinite leave to remain)
  4. Place and date of issue – this is the UK followed by the date the permit was issued
  5. Type of permit – this is the immigration category the holder is in (for example, STUDENT)
  6. Remarks – these are the immigration entitlements for the length of the holder’s stay, and may continue on the back of the permit
  7. ZW9005196 – unique permit number
  8. Holder’s signature
  9. Biometric chip
  10. Holder’s gender
  11. Holder’s date and place of birth
  12. Holder’s nationality
  13. Remarks – this is a continuation of immigration entitlements for the length of time of the holder’s stay (see 6 above). In appropriate cases, the National Insurance Number will appear here.
  14. Machine readable zone (MRZ) – this area allows information printed on the permit to be read quickly by machine.

You can see an example of the Biometric Residence Card on the link above, also.

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